Cracking YouTube

I should probably get some reward from YouTube for exposing a crack. Something in the range of 2k to 20k euros is moderately good, thank you.

Yesterday I was very curious about AbiWord’s collaborative editing feature (which was apparently around for eons ago without me noticing.. go figure). So I started typing a search for YouTube to see if there is anything about it. Lo and behold, I managed to enter some YouTube anomally. And it wasn’t just a fluke, I was able to reproduce it no matter how many times I tried.

This is how it reads:

500 Internal Server Error

Sorry, something went wrong.

A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.

If you see them, show them this information:
**some cute MIME code.***

So is there a bug bounty for this?? 😀 maybe 3313.7? Google.. anyone?

Oh well, what the hell. I’ll tell you how to reproduce this bug. I hope that it will then disappear from U-Tube 😀 (doesn’t this remind you of… Monkey Island)

Ok here are the steps:

  1. Go to YouTube
  2. In the search type in “abiword collabo”

Hope the monkeys solve their problems soon (ah.. again Monkey-Island.. there must be some sort of conspiracy between YouTube and LucasArts/TellTale).

EDIT: This is getting even more weird.. here is a screenshot of my browser when I use my personal computer (which has no firewall, anti-virus and other knick-knackeries)

So apparently there isn’t anything wrong, right? not right?
Well.. here is a screenshot using my office-laptop (which has OfficeScan and other bling-blings)

Both screenshots taken almost at the same time and I use the same network. Moreover, I have no problem accessing any other site so far. Well … except that in my Office Laptop, no thanks to all things installed in it, it is ten-folds slower than my home laptop.

Edit: I figured maybe this is a browser+firewall thing. So I tried the same thing on Internet Explorer 8 (I was doing everything in Opera 10.61). And indeed it was also browser related (I am pretty certain though that some sort of firewall or antivirus is triggering this all, since in my home laptop there was no problem under Opera). Here is the screenshot in from my office-laptop (that had the monkey problem in opera) with IE 8

I am going to report to Opera about this, although I don’t think I should fully blame Opera for this.

Edit: I think I finally found the solution to the bug. Just clean up the cache and change the YouTube preferred language. You can switch to your original language afterwards. Pretty strange.

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